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Track Where Individuals Are & Measure Their Actions

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On-Device Tone Decoding

LISNR doesn’t require a server call to decode a tone, which means you can create experiences without wifi, data, or general device connectivity.


LISNR operates without new hardware or server calls. We have a simple pricing plan that is pennies compared to other technology providers.


Reach every device within range. LISNR Smart Tones are detected by any device’s microphone and do not depend on its operating system.


Every LISNR Smart Tone carries its own unique identifier, meaning you can intelligently target different areas with messaging and triangulate the crowd’s movement through a space without needing other services.

Battery Efficiency

LISNR is incredibly efficient in CPU/battery usage when compared to other data transmission technologies.  All decoding and encoding happens locally and efficiently ensuring light CPU usage. No server calls necessary.  Audio recording not needed to decode.


LISNR is highly effective of successfully registering our SmartTone on any mobile device regardless of environment, crowd, additional noise or even if the device’s microphone is muffled as if it’s in a pocket or purse.  In our most recent authentication commercial deployment, 100% of played SmartTones were detected and authenticated.  This has been our best activation to date.


With LISNR, the sky is truly the limit in terms of who you reach, when you reach them and where. The technology is flexible enough to work in most environments with a consistently high coverage.