Project Description

Proximity Engagement

Increase customer engagement and conversion using inaudible sound

Core Features

Each Smart Tone carries its own unique identifier allowing you to capture movement throughout any space.

Bypass the network using our device-to-device communication feature — enabling offline data transfer. A variety of tone types can be generated, broadcasted, and decoded on any device with our SDK.

Range is determined by volume (amplitude). Turn up the volume to increase your coverage area or lower it to create smaller more targeted zones.

Since LISNR Smart Tones are above the human hearing level, you can add them into any existing content as a “silent” layer of audio to be broadcasted in any space.

We provide the same value, plus more, as using Beacons or Wifi minus the hassles of implementation & hardware installation at a fraction of the cost.


Increase relevancy of messaging by targeting users in very specific areas.

Our Smart Tones™ can deliver content that is synchronized within 1/8 of a second. Create perfectly timed engagements that react to significant events with unprecedented precision for all users.

Use Smart Tones to provide relevant information to help users navigate any space as well as drive foot traffic to optimal engagement areas.

Track useful customer metrics and foot traffic in any desired proximity. Use these metrics to create high performing campaigns driving engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

LISNR is incredibly reliable, showing high levels of connectivity regardless of environment, crowd, or additional noise. Sound is unique in that it can travel through a variety fabrics and materials extending it’s reach into even more environments.


LISNR is the world’s most advanced proximity engagement solution that’s easy to integrate, customize, and deploy to suit a variety of needs.

Combining geo-location features with LISNR listening/broadcasting capabilities, customers can push targeted engagements based on proximity. Enabling geo-location will create a boundary around a specific map location. This tells the device microphone to actively listen upon entering the geo-fence. This feature helps maintain user engagement during event-based activations.


  • Concert Venues
  • Hospitality
  • Retail Stores
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Outdoor Festivals/Fairs
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Museums
  • Exhibits
  • Airports
  • Hospitals