Project Description

Payments & Transactions

Usher in a new era for payments with LISNR

Core Features

Check-in, authenticate, and approve users directly from a device. Unique tones can be generated, broadcasted, and received locally between any two devices — this includes smartphone, tablets, wearables, etc.

We’ve created a proprietary tone encoding and decoding processor. Only devices containing LISNR software can create and demodulate LISNR Smart Tones.

LISNR allows users to create and decode Smart Tones right from the device. There is no need to use a server to validate a transaction. This feature enables a secure offline authentication method that is capable of working in areas with little to no connectivity.

Manipulate the data carried in a Smart Tone directly on the transmitting device – you can decide to send the same tone or new tone with every transmission.

Each LISNR powered device has the ability to generate a Smart Tone in real time carrying any customizable data packet up to our data throughput limit. This transmission is single use, tokenized with the ability to send encrypted data.

All mobile devices have microphones and speakers which LISNR takes advantage of to provide close range, secure, device to device communication and authentication — making LISNR a complete replacement or alternative to NFC, bluetooth, and QR codes.


Increase relevancy of messaging by targeting users in very specific areas.

Our Smart Tones™ can deliver content that is synchronized within 1/8 of a second. Create perfectly timed engagements that react to significant events with unprecedented precision for all users.

Use Smart Tones to provide relevant information to help users navigate any space as well as drive foot traffic to optimal engagement areas.

Track useful customer metrics and foot traffic in any desired proximity. Use these metrics to create high performing campaigns driving engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

LISNR is incredibly reliable, showing high levels of connectivity regardless of environment, crowd, or additional noise. Sound is unique in that it can travel through a variety fabrics and materials extending it’s reach into even more environments.


LISNR can authenticate seamless and secure transactions while protecting encrypted data transfers containing personal information.

To remain secure, Smart Tones can be sent and received in a completely offline environment. To further security measures, encryption can be added to LISNR Smart Tones. This data tone can also include user specific data including payment and any other necessary account information.


  • ATM
  • Banking
  • Customer Transaction Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Payment Technologies
  • POS Systems