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Cards are things of the past, your sound card is next.

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Proprietary Decoding Processor

We’ve created our own patent-pending tone encoding and decoding processor. LISNR is the only software that can create and understand LISNR Smart Tones.

On-Device Tone Generation & Decoding

LISNR allows users to create and decode SmartTones right from the device, no need to use a server to validate. This solution enables a secure offline authentication method capable of working in areas with the lowest connectivity.

Unique Tone Manipulation

Manipulate the data carried in a Smart Tone from the device – you can decide to send the same tone or new tone with every transmission.

Battery Efficiency

LISNR is incredibly efficient in CPU/battery usage when compared to other data transmission technologies.  All decoding and encoding happens locally and efficiently ensuring light CPU usage. No server calls necessary.  Audio recording not needed to decode.


With LISNR, the sky is truly the limit in terms of who you reach, when you reach them and where. The technology is flexible enough to work in most environments with a consistently high coverage.

Low Cost

With no new hardware or wi-fi connectivity needed, LISNR has a simple pricing plan that is pennies on the dollar compared to other technology providers.