Project Description

Offline Communication

The Internet of Sound brings everyone together

Core Features

Manipulate the data carried in a Smart Tone directly on the transmitting device – you can decide to send the same tone or new tone with every transmission.

LISNR software can generate and deploy Smart Tones directly from a machine or device. Tones are generated in a completely offline setting and do not require a server or human to generate them.

LISNR doesn’t require a server call to identify a Smart Tone, which means you can create connections without wifi, data, or general device connectivity.

We provide a simple communication method that can be layered into any existing software that doesn’t require a network.


LISNR uses the existing speaker and microphone infrastructure within an environment to transmit and receive data using our Smart Tones. Device pairing and connectivity is not necessary.

LISNR uses the existing microphone and speaker infrastructure of a device, requiring no additional connectivity. Microphones and speakers are battery-efficient alternatives to using wifi or bluetooth that drastically improvement in battery and processing power conservation.

The components of broadcasting or receiving sound are pretty commoditized and follow current trends surrounding device and voice interaction. This positions LISNR as the leading audio data standard — transferring information between devices as a software solution that can be scaled efficiently.


LISNR is the most scalable and efficient offline communication protocol in the market.

LISNR uses different tone types for different forms of data transfer, however all Smart Tones can be sent and received in a completely offline environment by utilizing the device’s existing microphone and speaker.


  • Audio Data Networking
  • Live Events, Manufacturing
  • Public Services
  • Smart City
  • Isolated regions
  • Venues