Project Description

IOT/Connected Devices

Harness the power of IoT without the need for Internet

Core Features

LISNR software can generate and deploy Smart Tones directly from a machine or device. Tones are generated in a completely offline setting and do not require a server or human to generate them.

Manipulate the data carried in a Smart Tone directly on the transmitting device – you can decide to send the same tone or new tone with every transmission.

LISNR doesn’t require a server call to identify a Smart Tone, which means you can create connections without wifi, data, or general device connectivity.

Using the Audio Networking feature, LISNR can send a message from one device to another, using the other devices in proximity as a conduit.

Facilitate seamless communication between technologies & devices using LISNR — accelerating go-to-market while reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining solutions.


The microphone/speaker infrastructure is easier to leverage than the chip/antenna infrastructure. Leverage the hardware already available in most systems, machines, and mobile devices.

Play a customized tone upon entering a room or car carrying personalization data. This tone can be decoded by any LISNR enabled device, instantly pairing the IoT device with the individual’s personal settings and mobile device transmitting the tone.

Using LISNR’s tracking capabilities, you can collect info regarding asset positioning and historical data related to movement. This data is based on analytics collected regarding tones deployed and heard throughout the space.

LISNR can handle all connecting device actions and corresponding data protocols. Acting as the bridge between the action, device, and additional data processes, our Smart Tones will route the appropriate data and access to the corresponding device.

Many devices can not wirelessly communicate an error to a device. With LISNR, the speaker becomes the connector. Within a device, each error can be represented as a separate tone, creating specific next steps for the repairman and customer — improving efficiency of the error reporting and resolution interaction.

Close proximity delivery of authentication data with sound adds an additional layer of security. Grant verified device and user access based on the LISNR enabled device within range.


Our end-to-end communication technology provides an extra layer of security that works across multiple industries and devices.

Embed LISNR’s SDK into any devices software which gives the ability to utilize on-device tone generation. These tones, generated in a completely offline setting, can be used to connect users to nearby devices. The tones can include fully customizable and unique data to suit every user’s needs.


  • Connected Devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Devices
  • Wearables
  • Smart City
  • Smart Car
  • Smart Home
  • Manufacturing