Project Description

Device Automation & Connectivity

The Internet of Sound powering the Internet of Things

Core Features

Manipulate the data carried in a Smart Tone directly on the transmitting device – you can decide to send the same tone or new tone with every transmission.

Unique tones can be generated, broadcasted, and received locally between any two smart devices. No data connectivity or device pairing are required to send and receive Smart Tones.

Each LISNR powered device has the ability to generate a Smart Tone in real time — carrying any customizable data packet up to our data throughput limit. This transmission is single use, tokenized with the ability to send encrypted data.

Expand the IoT ecosystem using the power of sound — improving the efficiency and performance of any device when compared to Bluetooth or Wifi.


Currently, there are a limited number of access points to connect devices. Working in the IOT ecosystem, LISNR can act as a protocol that allows all devices to communicate in any context. As an offline protocol that isn’t connected to a server, we make that connection seamless. We exist as a gateway, able to integrate and manage all forms of data connectivity consistently with any device in any environment.

Extend your range of control with our standardized communication protocol. Allow all smart devices to communicate and work together seamlessly, no matter their make or model. Once a device has been authenticated, using our technology, a user can provide the device with any additional actions or functions to process and complete.

LISNR uses the existing microphone and speaker infrastructure of a device, requiring no additional connectivity. Microphones and speakers are battery-efficient alternatives to using wifi or bluetooth that drastically improvement in battery and processing power conservation.

Because we are software and not hardware, implementation costs are minimal to nonexistent. Additionally, audio frequencies are significantly more versatile than radio frequencies given that most products are already built for voice and sound. This makes LISNR a reliably scalable solution because our software easily integrates with any existing application or platform — all while leveraging the current hardware infrastructure.


Use LISNR to control your world.

LISNR tones can be used to pair two devices together. The broadcasting device will emit a tone via the device speaker and the receiving device will listen for the tone via the device microphone. This connection can be done in a secure manner using an encrypted data tone. The receiving device will only listen for a specific tone, and will not connect until it is heard and decoded.


  • Engines
  • Internet of Things
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Connected Home
  • Connected Office
  • Connected Car