Project Description

Broadcast Second Screen

Seamlessly merge broadcast with mobile

Core Features

All smart devices are built with a microphone, no matter the make or model. LISNR Smart Tones are detected by the device’s existing microphone without server calls or recording audio like other services.

Each LISNR Tone is unique and so is each iteration of a single tone carrying customized information. This means you can use that data payload to carry timing or even transactional information.

Manage timed activations with our Smart Listening feature. With Smart Listening, you can tell your app to only listen during specific times and dates. Smart Listening can also be extended to include geo-location triggers.

LISNR can create and deliver more sophisticated user experiences and advertising opportunities than ACR or fingerprinting, while gathering helpful analytics during and between broadcasts.


Keep up with viewer demands and deliver a more individualized experience across all devices. Unlike ACR, LISNR gives you the ability to send targeted impressions based on any number of market segments.

Deliver a unified viewing experience that goes along with programing to increase engagement for any broadcasted content — content delivery can be synchronized within 1/8 of a second of any broadcasted media.

Created content can be used in a variety of ways, leveraging the omnichannel experience, to keep viewers engaged — granting more coverage and exposure than ever thought possible.

Identify all individuals engaging with a broadcast with no limitations. Improve the business value of information with deeper insights around viewership, which in turn improves marketing performance and production strategies.

Within a device, each error can be represented as a separate tone. Use separate, unique tones to create specific next steps for the customer thus improving the customer experience while empowering the customer service and maintenance teams.

Create second screen experiences that deeply integrate with what’s being displayed on the first screen. This in turn enhances discovery and participation during any viewing experience.

LISNR can help scale in a reliable and easily repeatable way. Our technology can be easily integrated with any existing application or platform leveraging current hardware infrastructure.


The next frontier in second screen engagement is data over audio.

By layering Smart Tones™ over broadcast – live or pre-recorded, you can synchronize the second screen and transfer customizable data with ease. Using the existing audio hardware in television and radio, you can broadcast our Tones throughout any space.


  • Digital Media
  • Live Broadcast
  • Recorded Broadcast
  • Streaming Media
  • Radio