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Connecting Viewers to Content in Unprecedented Ways

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Device Agnostic

Reach every member of your audience with LISNR. All smart devices are built with a microphone, no matter the make or model. LISNR Smart Tones are detected by the device’s microphone without recording or storing audio like other services.

Custom Tone Information

Each LISNR Tone is unique and so is each iteration of a single tone carrying customized information. This means you can use that data payload to carry timing or even transactional information.

Battery Efficiency

LISNR is incredibly efficient in CPU/battery usage when compared to other data transmission technologies.  All decoding and encoding happens locally and efficiently ensuring light CPU usage. No server calls necessary.  Audio recording not needed to decode.


LISNR is 99.8% effective of successfully registering our SmartTone on any mobile device regardless of environment, crowd, additional noise or even if the device’s microphone is muffled as if it’s in a pocket or purse.

Low Cost

LISNR operates without new hardware, server calls or the additional work required to fingerprint or watermark. We have a simple pricing plan that is pennies compared to other technology providers.