Project Description

Audio Mesh “Repeater” Network

Make a connection and deliver a message more efficiently than ever before

Core Features

LISNR software can generate and deploy Smart Tones directly from a machine or device. Tones are generated in a completely offline setting and do not require a server or human to generate them.

LISNR doesn’t require a server call to identify a Smart Tone, which means you can create connections without wifi, data, or general device connectivity.

When network or data connectivity is low, use LISNR to send a message from one device to another — using the other devices in close proximity as a conduit.


LISNR uses the existing speaker and microphone infrastructure within an environment to transmit and receive data. Device pairing and connectivity is not necessary to complete the transmission.

A LISNR Smart Tone will never lessen or degrade as more devices recognize and pair with it. This means you can have seamless connectivity across a limitless number of devices in any environment.

Using the Audio Networking feature, LISNR can send a message from one device to another specific device, using the other devices in a room as the conduit.


Relay messages without internet — using audio as the router.

LISNR tones can be used as a bridge between multiple devices. The Audio Networking feature connects one device to another by “jumping” the message between devices that are enabled, until the message reaches the correct recipient.


  • Audio Data Networking
  • Live Events
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Services
  • Smart City
  • Isolated regions
  • Venues