Project Description

Audience Measurement & Analytics

An informed decision is a profitable one

Core Features

LISNR gives you all the same system advantages of audible sound – You can intelligently target different areas with messaging and measure foot traffic in areas covered by a tone, without needing other services to make those distinctions. Turn up the volume to increase your coverage area or lower it to create smaller, more targeted zones.

With unique tone generations, you can create as many tone identifiers as you need. These unique tones can be assigned to individual media assets.

LISNR creates a fundamental building block for media transparency and accountability across a variety of platforms.


Every LISNR Smart Tone carries a unique identifier with the ability to provide real time location/metadata data alongside dwell time across environments down to each device.

LISNR delivers data sets that are relevant to you. Collect analytics that fit your market, product, and industry down to the device.

LISNR can help scale in a reliable and easily repeatable way that can be easily integrated with any existing application or platform leveraging current hardware infrastructure.

A LISNR Smart Tone can be played wherever there is existing audio or a speaker present. Add our tones to audio, media, and broadcasts to track assets across multiple environments, physical and digital.


Boost media effectiveness with real-time data down to the device layer.

LISNR Smart Tones provide data points that can be useful when attempting to understand your audience. Deploy tones throughout any space or media product then use LISNR’s online Portal to access or extract all end-user analytics. Analytics can include but not limited to number of unique tones heard, total number of tones heard and tones heard by platform. Tone data can be viewed over specified date ranges to measure explicit event analytics.


  • Venues
  • Digital Signage
  • Live & Recorded Broadcast
  • Radio
  • Streaming Media and more