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Unique ID

Every LISNR Smart Tone carries a unique identifier with the ability to provide real time location/metadata data alongside dwell time across environments down to each device.

Battery Efficiency

LISNR is incredibly efficient in CPU/battery usage when compared to other data transmission technologies.  All decoding and encoding happens locally and efficiently ensuring light CPU usage. No server calls necessary.  Audio recording not needed to decode.


All smart devices share a common feature – the built-in microphone. LISNR Smart Tones are detected by your device’s microphone and do not depend on its operating system.


With unique tone generations, you can create as many “keys” as you need for your employees to access a secured room. Set keys to expire or renew when you want, on your terms, with greatly reduced risk of losing them.


Since LISNR uses the existing speaker infrastructure to connect with users, it has a simple pricing plan that is pennies compared to other technology providers.