Project Description

Access & Security

Automate the in-person authentication process

Core Features

LISNR provides local device to device authentication, completely independent of other forms of connectivity. When you combine LISNR with other factors for authentication such as IP address, touch ID, time and location, LISNR becomes the most secure method to authenticate a user.

LISNR’s data throughput can sustain industry-wide encryption standards, using the same networks that have been processing data securely for years.

Use LISNR to standardize workflows and manage all aspects of access & password management – from gaining door access to checking-in for an event – all accomplished using one of the most robust mediums, sound.


Acting as a closed communication protocol, LISNR eliminates the need for a physical key, key fob or RFID.

LISNR enables offline authentication between devices by combining single use Tones with metadata, tokenization and encryption to ensure a completely secure data transmission.

Every LISNR Smart Tone™ carries its own unique identifier, meaning you can understand on the deepest level where tones are being deployed and/or heard in real time.

With unique tone generations, you can create as many tone identifiers as you need. These unique Tones can be used for your employees to access a secured room, event attendee check-in, or system access. Set tones to expire or renew when you want, on your terms, with greatly reduced risk of losing them.

The microphone/speaker infrastructure is easier to leverage than the chip/antenna infrastructure. Leverage the hardware already available in most systems, machines, and mobile devices instead of installing costly hardware needed for other solutions like RFID or NFC.


LISNR helps business entities verify user identities as well as user permissions.

Access control can be secured using LISNR Smart Tones. Each user can be given a unique, encrypted tone. The receiving device will decrypt the tone and only grant access to tones that contain the correct data. To remain even more secure, Smart Tones can be sent and received in a completely offline environment.


  • Building Security
  • Check-in Services
  • Door Entry
  • Password
  • Ticketing
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Connected Car
  • Connected Home
  • Connected Office