In 2012, LISNR was created around the core premise that
sound can do more.

The single insight that sound can be leveraged as a conduit for wide-scale connections everywhere.
More specifically, using sound to connect more people and devices in ways that had never existed before.


Since arriving at that insight, LISNR has grown into the world’s most advanced ultrasonic technology.
Welcome to the Internet of Sound – LISNR.

LISNR is ultrasonic inaudible technology; a communication protocol that sends data over audio. We use ultrasonic audio called Smart Tones™ to transmit information. We’ve accomplished functionality that engineers and innovators said was impossible. We’ve grown our list of partners, clients and investors to include some of the best in the world. #TeamLISNR has worked to make the best product in the market, give the best customer service and create the magical moments that impact a consumer at the right time and place.

The New Global Standard

With global commercial activations across millions of devices, partners & investors like Intel, and as the only ultrasonic solution approved and deployed by government agencies, we’ve successfully proven LISNR as the New Global Standard for ultrasonic connectivity.  The characteristics of leveraging audio for data transmission in the digital age is in its infancy and we are the pioneers.

Our Leadership

Rodney Williams

Founder & CEO

Eric Allen


Chris Ostoich

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

Josh Glick

Co-Founder & Head of Product Development

Vicky Sagehorn

Vice President, Finance

Austin Teames

Head of Product Management

Andrew Singer

Technical Advisor

Our Partners & Investors