What is Lisnr?

LISNR develops mobile solutions (API/SDK) for developers, content creators & advertisers
to enhance their mobile engagement.

Our inaudible smart tones and content/ad relevance recommendation engine delivers unparalleled engagement through real time 2nd screen or proximity based content everywhere.


Real time triggered-content specific to consumers, their location within a retailer, and per their shopping past, present & future shopping experience.


Trigger content & experiences tailored to the specific user based on an unlimited number of factors including time, data and engagement.


Content & experiential interaction delivered based on music audio or the audio around a fan tailored to monetize content through brand support & unparalleled analytics.


Compelling fan engagement and experience enhancer triggering mobile interaction in real time tailored to a specific fan’s experience.

Why use Lisnr?

We help our clients drive engagement by triggering content
& experiences at relevant moments in time everywhere.

Lisnr iPhone
95 percent

Success Rate

of triggered content delivery on LISNR powered apps

90 percent

Brand Supported

of current executions

30 percent


of triggered content via LISNR-powered apps

50 percent


of branded content

Trigger-based content and marketing delivers significant engagement & monetization opportunities for content creators. It delivers one of the most premium and sought-after advertising inventory for brands.


Webby award
Innovation awards
CBS Innovation Demo Day